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Tarifa Kiteboarding


 We offer kiteboarding lessons in Tarifa from June to September. You can sail across the bay  of Tarifa until 15 June (almost the beginning of July) and than until September 15, is only possible to kitesurfing at Val Devaqueros y Los Iances.
The kiteboarding schools of Tarifa operate between Los Lances and the Jara River.

Where we are located in Tarifa:

 You can meet us in the Real Estate LIVING TARIFA

 Local contact in Tarifa:


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             Phone : 0034 658 810 010
             Skype : gabriel.le.corre

Wind condition  for Kiteboarding in Tarifa:

There are 2 types of wind in Tarifa, the West (west wind) and Levente (east):

The West is the wind can blow from 15/16 to 25 knots (more in winter). The wind is cross onshore from the left, super constant but the water is choppy when the wind blows and there is a shore waves break.
In spring and summer is mixed with the thermic, so it most likely is no wind in the morning (+ / - 10 nds) begins the evening around 14h/15h weak and gets really good after 17h (18/20nds). In the case of thermic wind on-shore we will have a little shore break.
Whit the west you can sail across the bay from the town of Tarifa to Punta Paloma. This wind enter a little harder on the Playa de los Lances but if it is only the thermic wind in Playa Valdevaqueros will be stronger ,thanks of the dunes,

The Levant, (EL señor viento) this is THE wind of the winds in Tarifa and blowing from 20/25 to ... a lot some time 60knots!
The wind is cross offshore in most of the Bay of Tariffa little less close to the dunes. This wind is very strong and gusty! If the wind is a little from south could much more constant but if you come north will be almost 100% off-shore and the wind is bastard!
With this wind water is completely flat and has some choppy over the 35 Knots. Whit the Levante we usually kite at Valdevaqueros orThe Dunes (Punta Paloma) but in summer there is a security system: boat (sea angels
) who work in areas of the sets (fee).
The lift when it blows, it blows 24h 7/7.

How Kiteboarding lesson works in Tarifa:

With the Levante we start the lessons arund 10am so we will meet with students on the beach or directly on the beach or in the real estate LIVING TARIFA at the entrance of Tarifa right in front of the store Quicksilver.
With the Poniente we start the beginner lesson lesson in the morning with the light wind and the ADV lesson around 2pm when the wind will be stronger.

Winguru Tarifa and change of wind:

In Tarifa we should always look at the second (WRF 9) when is Levante we have to add around 5/10 knots and with the Poniente we have to think to add some thermic wind in summer.

When the wind change direction in the evening/night may we will have wind the next day, especially if it is Levante, if it will change during the day is almost sure that we will not have wind the day after or will be VERY .
If the change odf wind will be through the south side the wind will be very good , to the north does not fit and it takes to stabilize.

When too much wind in Tarifa:

When the Levante is very strong in Tarifa is possible to kite and take lessons at the mediteraneo side in the Bay of Gibraltar in Palmones Beach (35min) or Getares Beach (25min) closer to Tarifa. In Palmones conditions are very good, if we get 40/45 knots in Tarifa, we will have between 15/25 knots constant wind and flat water (but the site is not the nicest!!). In Getares the wind is slightly stronger than in Palmones but there is a shore break can be quite strong with on-shore winds. We can not teach courses there between July and August there
In summer you have to go further north (Sancti Petri 1h30) and is not 100% sure that the wind will be lighter but maybe more consistent.