Kiteboarding in Brazil With Extreme Control




Kiteboarding Adventures Cumbuco Brazil 2010

We offer private or group lessons in Cumbuco for all levels from beginner to advanced. Plus,we have awesome accommodations for you. 

Our last annual trek to the beautiful northeastern coast of Brazil was one of the most successful yet!!!  For the fourth year in a row we packed our gear and headed to the Ceará province.  The fall months bring perfectly consistent side-shore winds that create IDEAL conditions for learning and advancing your kiteboarding skills.  The coastline has it all with flat water lagoons, awesome waves and endless downwinders.  One of the best kiteboarding destinations in the world!  The charming kiteboarding village of Cumbuco has grown since we arrived 4 years ago but it is still a super small town with Brazilian charm.  The best part is there are some great new restaurants to feed the hungry kiters and discerning palates.  There is also a lively night life with dj's, live bands, and shows.  There is always something to do even in such a small town. We decided to live it up and rent a spacious three-bedroom unit right in front of the ocean.  We wanted to be able to wake up and ride!!!  Our plan.... to meet and share this experience with other passionate kiteboarders and students.  Marco recruited two Italian brothers that we had met during our travels in Italy. They jumped on board and now we were four.  Little by little the rooms booked up as more people joined us and our plan became a huge success!  In the end, we had to turn people down... A room in a fat penthouse overlooking one of the best kiteboarding spots in the world was not a hard sell.


We had a truly unforgettable time.  The penthouse was definitely spacious enough for all of us and positioned perfectly with a huge deck overlooking the pools on the property and the beach. The fully equipped kitchen was great for making our meals and the best part was we could make our acai smoothies (amazing energy fruit from the amazon) with granola and bananas whenever we wanted.  We enjoyed mellow days waking up, eating breakfast out on the deck and watching the wind pick up.  We inflated our kites right in front of the hotel, launched and we were out and riding in 5 minutes.  After an awesome session we would rinse off our equipment right in the garden and we lucked out because we even had a kite garage! The unit below us was vacant part of the time and we could leave our kites inflated in the shade under our deck.  Very convenient!!!!


The pools on the property were great! We would cool off after our kite sessions in the 25 meter pool.  On no wind days, which were only two in over a month, the boys had a blast taking advantage of practicing their acrobatics in the pool.  There were also several shallow pools perfect for kids and acted as mini jacuzzis as they became quite warm during the day, heating up in the sun.  At the end of the day, it was a mandatory stop with beer included …….. Many days we headed off downwind from the house to the lagoon, about 5 km, where we practiced on flat water and then chilled out watching the professional kiters practicing their latest moves.  You could always enjoy an awesome show at the lagoon all while sucking down fresh coconut, mango and other tropical juices.  Ale and Riccardo, our roommates spent most of their days on the lagoon and we were able to get great video footage of their tricks.  Some early mornings at the lagoon meant we had the place to ourselves.


We spent many nights winding down by enjoying great dinners and playing backgammon and Taki (Uno)...  We have to say a special thanks to our Isreali neighbors who invited us to join them for dinner many nights.  Elad and Hilah were amazing chefs cooking up fresh fish, savory rice dishes and delicious salads.  They really spoiled us! A perfect way to end our perfect days.We enjoyed ourselves so much and are proud to offer the Dream Travel properties to our kiteboarding friends!  Now we can hook everyone up with the best places to stay in Cumbuco!  You will come back year after year especially when you see your kiteboarding skills skyrocketing.  Perfect conditions really help!